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Don Saunders

Former Regional VP Sales Executive - Business Coach, Author and Speaker.

The Principles of Restoring The American Dream

Our REALITY IS CREATED BY WHAT WE BELIEVE AND FOCUS ON. Most people walk through life in neutral just accepting knowledge that they come into contact, without manifesting anything outside their own condensed world. This could be CNN’s news story of the day, the latest medical finding deemed to cure everything, the better brand of tissues to buy, the best place to live, the media’s determination that we are in a daunting economy, and so on...

This is not an insult to our beliefs, or anyone else’s for that matter, as all of our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, emotions and knowledge come from the same source, and when we think about that, it boils down to how we interpret that segment of information, in effect, how we manifest that process through the brain and into the environment around us.

When everything in life is perfect, our search for universal answers is minimized. If we think about it, when life is working and we are making lots of money, our health is vital, our children are happy, our debt is low and we love our jobs, why would we need to change anything ? Why seek things other than what we have believed thus far? It is when life presents us with a challenge, that isn’t easily resolved by methods readily available to us; we ask our god, our Christ, our Buddah, our guides, or the world at large, why did this happen and how can it be fixed ? What did we do to bring on the wraths of such mis-fortune! When we begin the process of digging deeper and ask why, it is then, at that point, the universe answers the question's.

"We cannot create a learning experince that we do not need." ~ Vaishali


As we begin the QUEST TO FIND OUT HOW LIFE WORKS. Many of us realize that most of our traditional beliefs are no longer working. Who we were five years ago, the friends we had, the values we held, the dreams and aspirations we strived towards may not be aligned with who we desire to be NOW. Body aches and pains, depression, confusion and problems with everyday life may appear or multiply now more than ever. Your greatest source of wisdom and support comes from yourself and The Knowledge within, yes; “You and Only YOU."

When you begin to seek ''The Knowledge'' of how life works and why things happen as they do- our inner life changes and the only way around it, is through it. Our outer life must change when we begin to ask questions and search for a better quality of life. As with all changes, the old MUST be torn apart so that a new foundation -more modern, stronger and powerful, can be laid in place of the old. Rest assured, these changes are only temporary, and if you can think of them in the context of a home remodel, you will better understand why they are in integral part of the transformation process. So if you experience some of, or all of the below transformations met on this journey—know that you are okay, and that these feelings, which can be overwhelming, or feel like acute depression, are just symptoms of powerful changes working to give you a more authentic and peaceful life, where all your needs, and often times your wants will be met in a much more benevolent way than they were before.


In Don’s webinars, one on one coaching and workshops, you will find out:

  • How to think out of the box to solve contemporary problems
  • How to understand what steps you need to take to live a prosperous life.
  • The top 10 ways to achieve your plans and goals every time.
  • How it’s possible to turn into reality what may seem like the impossible, through focus and desire…and how you can do it!
  • Making the impossible, possible no matter where you are in your life right now.

The Knowledge is available to you in a variety of formats, including books, training programs, DVD's and teleseminars---all will show you How Life Works and what to do. Guaranteed!




www.thepowerofknowinghowlifeworks.com and www.thebeaminstitute.com



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