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Don Saunders is an author, speaker and entrepreneur. He spent thirty eight years as the western regional V.P of Kodak only to have his division sold off six months before his pension eligibility. From the ashes of his financial despair, utilising a powerful personal experience Don was able to rebuild his life and career, and now owns multiple retail establishments in Lake Las Vegas, as well as The BEAM Institute, where he shares his unique perspective on today’s business environment and human interactions in the workplace, providing an interesting look into the do’s and don’ts of business, for both the employee and employer. Don's ability to transfer knowledge in its pure form is what makes Don a sought after teacher, speaker and business coach.

Waking up on the morning of November 17th, 2009, Don Saunders was suddenly overcome with paralysis and found himself receiving an empowering download of information, referred to as ''The Knowledge.'' During his amazing experience, he received clear understanding, answers, and insights, relating to The Power of Knowing How Life Works. As soon as this information was downloaded to Don, his paralysis instantly disappeared as quickly as it had manifested.

Don gave up his 38 year corporate career to share the knowledge which he offers to empower individuals, businessess and organizations.

“I did not have an ‘out of body’ or near death experience;. ''The Knowledge'' came at me like a tornado and was downloaded all around me, surrounding me. There was a video running in my head that looked like a 3-D movie at the same time that The Knowledge surrounded me. The insights that accompanied The Knowledge provided me with the understanding of what had taken place. I knew that I just needed to find the words to represent the actual occurrence to be able to tell people what happened. ”– Don Saunders

You too have the ability to access “The Knowledge”. Don was provided specific details about “How Life Works.” The Knowledge he received will enable you to create , greater business success, rewarding relationships and help you to understand many things that may seem challenging or confusing in your life or career right now. This is not fiction or theory and if you become a student of this process you will be able to discover the depth that the knowledge he has in explaining how this all works, thus giving you your personal customized tools and the direction to rebuild your life and career.

What’s in this for “YOU ?” When you begin to apply ''The Knowledge'' , you will have embarked on a new and powerful journey for your life. You can begin to understand your past and manifest a better future. “You” and only “You” can make the choice as to whether this all makes sense.

For corporations and individuals wishing to learn more Don Saunders ''The Knowledge'' coaching program, Please CLICK HERE

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Don Saunders

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