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The Power of Knowing How Life Works - ''The Knowledge'' Coaching Program

Don Saunders CEO of The BEAM Institute, A Learning Oasis

Don Saunders spent thirty eight years as the western regional V.P of Eastman Kodak only to have his division sold off six months before his pension eligibility. From the ashes of his financial despair and utilizing his powerful professional experiences in the corporate sector, Don was able to rebuild his life and career, and now owns multiple retail establishments, as well as The BEAM Institute, a learning Oasis at Lake Las Vegas. Don now shares the knowledge, which he offers, to empower individuals, businesses and organizations, through ''The Knowledge'' coaching program.

Sharing his unique perspective on today’s business environment and human interactions in the workplace, makes The Knowledge coaching program a must for any corporation and individual looking to enhance and live a successful life. With the one on one coaching Don helps groups navigate through the do’s and don’ts of business, for both the employee and employer. Don's ability to transfer knowledge in its pure form is what makes him a sought after business coach.

You too have the ability to access “The Knowledge” and Don provides specific details about how life works. "The Knowledge" that Don received will enable you to create greater business successes, rewarding relationships and help you to understand many things that may seem challenging or confusing in your life or career right now. This is not fiction or theory and if you become a student of this process you will be able to discover the depth that the knowledge he has in explaining how this all works, thus giving you, your personal customized tools and the direction to rebuild your life and career.

What’s in this for “YOU? ”  When you begin to apply ''The Knowledge,'' you will have embarked on a new and powerful journey for your life. You can begin to understand your past and manifest a better future. “You” and only “You” can make this choice.

This knowledge belongs to all of you. Don will share all of the information by utilizing books, the media, Webinars, Lectures and the Web Site www.thepowerofknowinghowlifeworks.com

Don is offering an introductory Coaching Series to jump start his distribution of the knowledge. His advisors have recommended that he can charge $1,295 or greater for what he has to offer. Don insists that his offerings be made at a reasonable price so that everyone can learn how to implement the knowledge into their personal and professional lives, everyone will eventually have access to:

“The Power of Knowing How Life Works” Get The Knowledge - Coaching Program.

Limited time offer at the initial price. Was $1,295 - NOW ONLY! $495

THREE One Hour; One on One; personal face-to-face coaching with Don held at The Village at Lake Las Vegas. All travel and personal expenses such as meals and incidentals are the responsibility of the participant. Consecutive sessions can take place on the same day or for local residents you have the option to divide them up for times that meet your schedule.

Although Don guarantees satisfaction during your coaching sessions; no refunds will be provided for travel and expenses:

Session 1 The Knowledge: Don presents the insiders look at The Power of Knowing How Life Works. Receive powerful insights into how "The Knowledge" arrived and why it will help you attain success in all areas of your life.
This is an interactive session with questions and answers about your own personal circumstances, addressed throughout this session.

Session One Only; Bonus: Bring a friend or two for FREE LAS VEGAS RESIDENTS ONLY: Have a cocktail party and I will present the first Session Content at your location for half price appearance fee. Unlimited guests.

Session 2 You and only You: Don takes time to listen carefully to your story and your personal needs in order for Don to prepare for session three; he asks that you come prepared to share.

Session 3 What’s in it for YOU: Converting The Knowledge into “Practice” in YOUR life. This is powerful information that will apply to You as an individual; to your workplace relations; to your family relations; to how you approach each day going forward and how you can be the leader in every aspect of your life while people watch you excel.

BONUS: For the first 5 that sign up at each event they will receive a complete set of Coaching CD’s valued at $149 (to be delivered upon production completion)

Don will provide his personal phone number at the end of session one. You will have unlimited access to Don during the coaching period. Don also offers a performance guarantee. If at any time during the first two coaching sessions you do not feel you are getting your monies worth you are entitled to a pro-rated return of your investment.

For corporations and individuals wishing to learn more Don Saunders ''The Knowledge'' coaching program. you can call our customer service line - 818-848-3213.


We have THREE options for payment:



1). Print form and send check payment to: Saunders Enterprises LLC; 1166 Calcione Drive, Henderson, NV, 89011. See details - CLICK HERE for Payment Form.

2). We except credit card payments over the phone. Please call our customer service line 818-848-3213.

3). You can pay directly through our secure Paypal link:








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